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"After 4 months of being in Sensei Lee's class I lost over 10lbs of weight and improved my cholesterol levels enough to no longer need medication. Numerous weight loss plans and expensive gym memberships never came close to achieving this. Additionally Sensei Lee has improved my confidence and mental sharpness be teaching me practical methods of self-defense along with traditional karate techniques." 
- Simon Powell, Plano, TX

"This Karate Dojo is by the far the best in the Plano area. In this dojo, karate, self-defense techniques, discipline, respect and order are taught with attention to details. Lee McCurrach Sensei is one of the best instructors I have ever had. His constructive feedback and mentorship motivate you to reach your potential. If you are looking for a karate dojo stop searching. You have a mentor here that you can trust to reach your true potential in every aspect of your karate life. Classes are very fun and flexible schedule. Another thing worth mentioning is that our school competes in local tournaments and we are always in the top 3. As I am writing this review, I will be competing in the WUKO tournament in three weeks for Kata and Sparring."
- Armel Maemble, Plano, TX

"Brilliant, experienced instructor. He sets a high standard for his students and shows them how to achieve it."
- Chauncey Eastes, Plano, TX

"We are beyond thrilled to have found Sensei McCurrach again. Both Sensei McCurrach and Senpai Schampers have an uncanny knack for combining top notch skilled instruction mixed with humor and fun. Our 9 year old son loves going to class and learning this new style of Karate. He was motivated to start at a white belt again in Shotokan, after receiving his BB in Mixed Martial Arts last year, solely based on the fact that Sensei McCurrach would be his instructor. Shotokan is both beautiful to watch and functional as a true, if needed, defense technique. This is what you want to see your children doing. Not just being babysat for 30 to 45 minutes. They are learning a new skill, getting a great workout and having fun for an hour. It's the perfect extra curricular pursuit of a skill that will be with them for life, not just an after school activity."
- Jill Meyerson, Plano, TX


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(469) 222-3754